Theatre | 03.07.2013
"Aristophanes Now - The duty of comedy" at the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus
Friday, July 5 and Saturday, July 6, 2013 "Aristophanes Now - The duty of comedy" from Stamatis Kraounakis & Speira Speira at the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus. The show starts at 9.30 pm Athens: a city at war, then as now. The Peloponnesian war then, an economic war now, but the pain is the same. With the entire Greek world teetering on the verge of collapse, it was comedy that stepped up to chart the heartbeat of its fall, leaving these eleven surviving comedies by Aristophanes to bear witness to the Greek ‘curse’. An amalgamation of the comic poet’s transgressive verses shouted out to the heavens, Aristophanes Now uses music to sing a hymn in praise of the city, democracy, the country that gave us the great poets of old, and to deal corruption a smarting slap in the face. It does so with an innocent half-smile on its lips, as though the revellers have been struck dumb by the possibility of a miracle... Ticket Prices : 25€ (Zone A) 20€ (Zone B) 10€ (Students) 5€ (People with Movement Difficulties, Unemployed)