Nafplio is a city in Peloponnisos, capital of the prefecture of Argolis and the most important port of eastern Peloponnese. According to the 2001 records, Nafplion had 13.822 inhabitants. It is one of the most beautiful towns in the country, and has also been Capital of Greece during 1828 - 1833.

Nafplion is known for Bourtzi, a little fortress built on an island, in the middle of the port, for Palamidi, a Venetian fortress built on the hill above the town, and for Akronafplia, another Venetian fortress

According to myth, the city of Nafplion was founded by Nafplios, and was surrounded by walls. Archaeological findings prove that the city existed even during the Mycenean years.

Nafplion is a favourite destination of people of Peloponnese and Athens as it is very near. Nafplio central square, Syntagmatos Square, is home fo the archeaological museum, one of the most beautiful buildings in the town. There is also a department of the National Gallery, operating in Nafplion.